6 Tips for New Bloggers

I have been blogging for a little over six months now. I am not an expert blogger by any means but I have learned a lot over the past few months. I wanted to share the most important tips and tricks I have learned over the past few months.

The learning process is far from over, I continue to learn new things about blogging and the fashion industry every day and I LOVE sharing what I have learned.

Here are Six must-know blogging tips for new bloggers:

1. Just Start

I spent countless hours trying to perfect my blog, layout and content before I launched my website. I tried reading every book, listening to every podcast, and gathering as much information as I could before I started. I wanted to know EVERYTHING before I started, I didn’t want to make any mistakes. But truth is, you don’t really start learning until you start. Once you put yourself out there and track your performance is when you will really learn what works and what doesn’t. I have really been focusing on the quote “Done is better the perfect!”

2. Appreciate your following

Appreciate all the people that follow you. Listen to them and respond to them. Your followers from day one will be your biggest support. Followers will come and go (trust me the follow/unfollow game is strong)! But the people that are consistently and genuinely engaging are worth your appreciation, they will keep you motivated! Whether you have 100, 10k, or 1 million followers appreciate them. You already took the leap to put your creative self out there, any following you have is amazing!

But What Should I Wear blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers

3. Be Authentic

Be true to yourself. Since I have started blogging I have notice that there are a lot of copycats out there who are trying to follow someone else’s footsteps. There are people who buy followers and have fake engagement, TRUST me it is no way to build your brand. Authenticity is your BEST asset. Plus, blogging is much more fun when it is focused on what you love.

4. Work with brands you are PROUD to represent

Be proud to represent the brands that you work with. I always strive to work with quality brands while creating quality content. If you work with brands just for the “free” stuff you won’t build trustworthiness with your followers and it will deter future brands from working with you. I said no to dozens of companies before I said yes to working with a brand. Set your expectations from the start, know what type of brands you want to represent. This all goes back to being authentic (see tip 3).

5. Don’t compare yourself

Everyone grows at different rates and has different followings. You will kill yourself constantly comparing yourself to others. We all are going to grow at different rates, be patient. Plus your goals could be completely different from the person you’re comparing yourself too! Your goal may be to drive traffic to your website or ultimately sell a product or build customer relationships, while the person you are comparing yourself to could just want as many Instagram followers as possible! Focus on your goals and becoming a better version of yourself and your band.

6. Try new things, it’s all a learning process!

This is SO important and will help your improve your website and brand! When I started out I posted on different days and at different times and tracked my posts performance. I learned what time works best for me and my audience. Play around with different types of content and different writing or photography styles. Learn what you like and don’t like when you are starting out, it is the only way to improve. Plus, you’ll probably gain some incredible insight into your audience. Remember your audience is always changing so it is important to consistently track your performance and make adjustments when necessary! Just because someone isn’t doing something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it, maybe that is what will set your brand apart!


Remember QUALITY is better the QUANTITY, every time!

Whether it is your followers, subscribers, the number of brands you work with, your Instagram feed, etc!

I hope you enjoyed these blogging tips. As I was writing this post I realized I have so many important tips I am learning, so I would love to share more!

Let me know if this is a type of post your like and I will continue to share all my blogging tips, tricks, and secrets!

I have nothing to hide, I loving sharing all of my knowledge with others! Leave any questions in the comments below!

But What Should I Wear blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers

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