The Three Best Overall Brands

These are my first and now FAVORITE pair of overalls. They are black corduroy overalls that I found at the thrift store (yay!) Don’t worry, I found a very similar pair of overalls at a great price! If want to see them, they are listed in the “get the look” section at the end of this post!

It has always been hard for me to find the perfect fit when it comes to overalls. I was skeptical about getting a pair of overalls, for fear of looking like a farmer (lol!) But with the new wave of overall styles, looking like a farmer is no longer a problem. There are so many styles of overalls now just take a look at some of my favorite brands:

My top overall brands:

1. Second Skin Overalls (Danielle Bernstein is an overall genius!)
2. Levi’s
3. ASOS (Plus, they carry a ton of other brands with great overall styles)

My favorite overalls:

top five overall brands fashion blog posttop five overall brands fashion blog post

Get the Look:

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