What are Presets?

Presets are files created by photographers and content creators to quickly adjust the setting of a photo in the Lightroom app. A preset holds a lot of different actions and settings – like adjusting colors, exposure, white balance, grain, and saturation – all of these saved into a single action, called a “preset.”

Presets make editing much quicker, opposed to manually adjusting every single photo from start to finish. They also help give your photos an overall consistent look and color pattern, which is why they have become very popular among bloggers, influencers, network marketers, and small business owners.

Our Wander Presets are intended to help anyone who wants to both quickly and easily edit their mobile or desktop images, to create beautiful, eye-catching and cohesive images for their social media feeds, websites, or clients.

When purchasing the presets you’ll receive an Editing Guide that will walk you through how to use the presets and give you tips on editing your own images.

Are Presets the same as filters?

No, presets are not the same as filters, they are not 1-click edits. You should expect to make a few additional adjustments to each photo after applying the preset. Tweaks and edits are likely to vary depending on lighting, skin tone, color profile, quality, location, etc. It will be important to familiarize yourself with the presets and thoroughly read the editing guide to gain a better understanding of how to use each preset.

The color profile and lighting that each preset works best with is outlined in the product description. You can also find other users before and afters on @wanderpresets.

What do I need to use the presets? Does it cost money?

Requirements for each product are listed under the description. However, here is a general look and what you will need to be able to use the presets:


–   Lightroom Mobile App (Free)

–   Zip Viewer App (Free) – if you wish to download directly to your phone & unzip the file

–   iPhone 6 or newer OR phones running on Android 7 or newer


–   Classic Lightroom or a monthly subscription to Lightroom CC (Pricing varies depending on the plan you choose)

Can I see more before and afters?

YES! Follow us on Instagram, @wanderpresets, to see more before and after images. To see how users like you are using our presets, check out the hashtag #wanderpresets for more!

Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

All of our presets are a one-time payment.

You released a new preset, do I get it for free?

No, all presets are released in bundles and you must purchase the new preset pack in order to receive any new presets. Your purchase is only good for the presets outlined in the product descriptions.

You WILL get any new presets for FREE if you purchase the Wander Preset COMPLETE pack. This pack includes all of our current presets and you will be given access to any future presets that are added to this pack. No need to contact us, we automatically e-mail everyone with the Wander Preset COMPLETE pack with a new download as they’re released.

Can I download them directly to my phone?

Unfortunately, due to limitations with our website, you must first download the .zip file onto a DESKTOP and transfer the file to your phone, this is explained in the installation guide that comes with your preset purchase. You can transfer the files to your phone using e-mail, DropBox, GoogleDrive, AirDrop, and more.

The download will not work if downloaded on your mobile phone – a desktop is required for download – if you wish to purchase presets that will download directly to your phone, please use our Etsy shop HERE.

Are the downloads instant? How will I receive the files?

Yes! Immediately upon purchase you will be taken to a confirmation page, on this confirmation page you will be able to download the presets. Make sure you are in front of a desktop as our presets will not download onto your mobile device. After downloading the .zip file you will be able to access the installation guide, this will walk you through how to properly install the presets to your lightroom mobile app.

Should you choose not to download the presets immediately, you will receive an e-mail receipt within 5-10 minutes of your purchase that will include a hyperlinked download. This link will remain available for 14 days from the time of purchase.


How do I install my presets?

A step-by-step installation guide is included with every purchase! It’s super easy, we promise. Have you downloaded your presets and still not seeing the installation guide? Please send us an e-mail at presets@butwhatshouldiwear.com & we’ll be happy to shoot you a guide.

What should I do if I don’t receive my download?

Well, shoot! We’re so sorry. Typically, a download e-mail will be sent within minutes of purchasing! If you aren’t seeing an e-mail in your inbox, first check your junk mail or spam folders. If you’re still not seeing an e-mail, please e-mail us at presets@butwhatshouldiwear.com and we will make sure you’re taken care of. Make sure to include your name and the e-mail you used to place the order to help us assist you as quickly as possible. We try to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible, but please give us 1-2 business days to properly address your individual situation.

What if I lost my presets?

With every order you’ll receive an e-mail with a download link, you will have 14 days to download the preset and save it to your device. We recommend saving the presets on multiple devices to ensure the files are not lost.

If you are unable to access your download or lost your files, please e-mail us at presets@butwhatshouldiwear.com – proof of purchase must be provided in order to receive a replacement download. If you are unable to provide a proof of purchase then unfortunately, you will have to repurchase.

Can you show me how to tweak the preset to work with my photo?

Yes! All of our presets come with an installation and editing guide that will give you tips and tricks on how to tweak your presets to get a perfect looking photo! We even included a video tutorial to walk you through how to make these adjustments, just in case you need a little extra help!

Can I reshare the presets?

No. All Wander Presets created by But What Should I Wear are copyrights. The License you buy is a single purchase license. The presets may not be shared, resold (whole or modified), loaned, and or freely given to another individual or business. Profiting off of Wander Presets (even if edits are altered) is illegal and will be met with legal action.

If you notice any unlawful use of Wander Presets please e-mail us at presets@butwhatshouldiwear.com

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of these digital files, all sales are final. If you are having issues with the file(s) please email us at presets@butwhatshouldiwear.com 

All orders are subject to our Terms & Conditions.



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