The Story Behind My Favorite Round Woven Bag

Today I want to share my new favorite purse with all of you. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I wear this woven, round ata bag almost every day. It is the perfect size for daily use and it fits all of the essentials (phone, wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, etc.)!

Just to preference this is not a sponsored post. I purchased this purse here. I quickly fell so in love with the bag that I reached out to Sasi Paradise to learn more about what goes into creating these hand woven bags.

The Story Behind The Artisan Crafted Bag

When I first began my search for a round woven purse I thought I would be able to find it on large retail site because of how popular the design is currently. However, I was wrong! I could only find these bags sold on places like Etsy and Zibbet. The reason being is because these bags are made my highly skilled artisans in the villages of East Bali.

The villagers inherited their weaving skills from generation to generation. The materials itself is ata grass that growings in the jungle of Bali, Lombok, and the surrounding islands.


The Process

The process of creating and weaving the ata bags is very time consuming, each bag takes a woman one week to make. After the women finished weaving they smoke the bags with a kind of wood that makes it stronger and prevents damage from insects. It will give the bag smokey smells but it will disappear within time. When I first received my bag it reminded me of a smoky campfire! This one was of the main reasons I reached out to Sasi Paradise.

After that, the bags are left out to dry in the sun and then they add the lining with assorted printed fabrics and also put the leather strap and the clasp.

Here are photos of the process:

The Story behind the trending woven round purse - Trending for Fall - by @Allisonnkelleyy

Shop all of Sasi Paradise’s artisan crafted bags here.


And the best part…at Sasi Paradise they do the fair trade with these amazing Artisans.

The Story behind my favorite woven round purse - Trending for Fall - by @Allisonnkelleyy

Shop the Look:

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored, images and information about the process were provided by Sasi Paradise.
The Story behind the trending woven round purse - Trending for Fall - by @Allisonnkelleyy

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