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UPDATED: 7 January 2019

It is no secret that Instagram values high-quality, creative content. They have made it known that it is important to remain a genuine artist. As the Instagram algorithm continues to change it is important that you are always putting your best foot forward. Now, more then ever it is important that you think outside the box and creates content your followers and you will love.

Instagram is a platform for art, expression, and creativity. It is not about numbers, likes, and follows. At the end of the day, you should be creating the best work you know how. So, today I wanted to provide you with some resources to give you a leg up on your content-creating game.

8 Must-Have Apps for Instagram:

1. Lightroom CC

I use Adobe Lightroom to edit all of my photos on my desktop or iPhone. This app will help you create your edits, play around with the lighting and colors or your photo until you learn what works best for you and your content. It took me a few months to learn but I highly recommend it. It will help you stand out from the crowd and help you develop personal editing style to use on your own photos.

Once you learn the edit you like you can simply copy your edits from one of your photos and paste to another, this will help to keep your feed and content consistent.

You can also purchase my wander presets here, which are Lightroom Edits I created and will give you a good base when it comes to editing. 

Here is an example of my edits:


2. Retouch

The app Retouch is perfect for getting any unwanted objects out of your photo. This is something that could take hours in Photoshop but Retouch makes it possible for everyone. Remove everything from people, trash, gum on the sidewalk, etc.

8 must have apps for instagram - best instagram apps 2018 - Retouch



3. Over

One of my most asked questions is what App I use for my Instagram stories and Over is my absolute favorite. Make collages and add text or symbols to your photos with the app over. I use the free version and it is has a variety of different editing abilities. However, the pro version gives you access to thousands of graphics and symbols that will seriously change your life!

8 must have instagram apps - best instagram app 2018 - over



UNUM is the app I use to plan my Instagram feed. Simply link your Instagram account and add new photos to see how they will look next to your current posts. It also gives you a tone of insight on your account like the best times to post and your most popular photos and hashtags.


5. Unfold

Unfold is another app I use for my Instagram photos they have a tone of different minimalist layouts for you to choose from!

8 must have instagram apps - best instagram apps 2018 - VSCODOWNLOAD HERE

6. Prequel

Prequel is a new app I just started using. There are a ton of different features like adding grain and filters. While it works for photos I mainly use it to record my IG story videos to give them the filter and effects I want. You can also use the app to whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, and a few other enhancements! and YEP those features work for videos too! The only downfall is you are limited to only 15 second videos.

8 must have instagram apps - best instagram apps 2018 - PiclabDOWNLOAD HERE

7. DropBox

The DropBox app is life changing. If you anything like me then you are constantly moving between your phone and computer. DropBox makes it easy to access all your files and photos from anywhere whether you are using a desktop, phone, or tablet. I have every single one of my photos uploaded to DropBox so I can have access to them from anywhere. This is great for if you’re traveling or if you simply don’t have access to your laptop! Highly recommend!



VSCO is great for quick and simple edits. While I no long use it for editing my Instagram posts it is a great tool while you’re learning how to edit your own photos. The filters make it easy to edit photos how you like, my favorite filters are A1 and A6. Also, if you get the annual premium version then you can edit videos too. I use VSCO to edit my Insta story photos and videos quickly. Similar to Lightrooom, once you learn the edit you like you can simply copy your edits from one photo and paste to another, this will help to keep your feed and content consistent.

PLUS, if you purchase the premium version not only do you get all of the edits + any future edits, you can edit VIDEOS!

8 must have instagram apps - best instagram apps 2018 - VSCO



  1. Karissa says:

    I didn’t know about some of these so thanks for sharing!

  2. Such good tips, thank you for sharing!
    Might try to use lightroom cc since now on x


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