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72 Hours in Amalfi

You probably already know this whether you visited or not but, the Amalfi Coast is an absolute DREAM! The green-mountain coast line is littered with pastel buildings and colorful umbrellas with no shortage of salt water, pizza, and Aperol.

To be quite honest I had some trouble putting together this guide with places to eat and see. We spent all day, everyday laying out on the beach, swimming in the Mediterranean, and ordering pizza.

It was by far the most relaxing and unique part of our Italy trip.


The Beach – Weather you visit a beach littered with umbrellas and restaurants or you take a boat to a privet beach. Enjoying the beach is a must in Amalfi, no mater the weather.

Capri –The biggest regret I have from my trip is not getting the chance to visit Capri. It is such a quick, easy, cheap ferry to visit Capri there is no excuse. The ferries run so often you don’t even have to do a day trip, just go for dinner. 🙂 PS – We missed it cause of a thunderstorm on the ocean.

Positano – Another perfect day trip to take while staying in the Amalfi. It is the biggest and prettiest beach on the coast by far. If you have seen any photos of the Amalfi Coast chances are they were taken in Positano.

The Market street + the church – Whether you want to grab yourself some limoncello or pick up a handmade craft, take a stroll down the market street in Amalfi. It is littered with craft stores, markets, wine shops. Plus, the Duomo di Amalfi Sant’Andrea Apostolo is an beautiful medieval cathedral right in the middle of the market area. 


Pizza on the beach – This might sound lame, but we didn’t do that much exploring in terms of food in Amalfi. Everyday we got a charcuterie board and margarita pizza on the beach. No matter where we went the pizza was some of the best I’ve had. I mean Italy…pizza…the beach? What else could you want?


The Bus + the Ferry –  Take the bus and the ferry EVERYWHERE! It is such a cheap and easy way to explore the entire coast no matter where you stay.

Pro Tip – If you’re only planning a couple of days in the region, base yourself in Amalfi or Positano and book a private boat tour to explore Capri and the rest of the coast. A day trip is enough to explore the beaches, shops, and major sites.


The most convenient bases on the Amalfi Coast are Positano and Amalfi because they are accessible by land and sea. We chose to stay in an Airbnb in Amalfi and it had the most AMAZING view of the coast! We stayed a little outside the city to save money and took a bus to our apartment every day, it only cost about $10/each all weekend.

AirBnb is no doubt the best way to travel if you’re in your 20s. There are countless amazing rooms available for less the $50/night. Plus, you get more amenities then a hostile, like privacy, a kitchen, and a slightly more comfortable bed.

My biggest tip besides checking the reviews of each Airbnb is location, location, location. Find a location that is central to wear you want to site see. That makes site seeing and walking around the city much easier. Avoid staying in an area where you will have to take a bus or taxi to site seeing locations. Trust me it is not worth saving the extra buck and there are plenty of budget friendly places right in the heart of Rome. HERE is the one we stayed at, it’s small but it gets the job done and is the PERFECT location. If you really want to save money, find a place with a kitchen so you can cook a few meals during your stay and stock up on snacks to avoid eating out 24/7.

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