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As some of you may know I have recently moved into a new apartment in Los Angeles! It’s just a few blocks away from my old place, but a little closer to the hustle and bustle of Santa Monica. My roommates and I decided it was time to move into a slightly larger, and slightly nicer apartment complex. As you probably know moving can be such a headache and hassle. If you’re anything like me then moving drives you absolutely crazy. Like, I cannot sleep or do anything else until everything is unpacked and decorated!

Although moving can be a hassle it is also a great excuse to REDECORATE! Hence my love-hate relationship with moving. The second I knew we were moving I started creating the ultimate Pinterest board  filled with decor ideas and my #UOHome wishlist! I started dreaming up all the ways I was going to decorate my new room.

Urban Outfitters was kind enough to help me decorate my entire room and I cannot wait to share the results with you. Everything is already turning out so cute! Since I there are still a few more things I am eyeing and haven’t completely finished decorating, I thought I would share my complete apartment wishlist with you! It’s filled with everything from my dream bedding, the perfect mid-century modern pieces, and tons of throws and wall decor. ENJOY!

bedding wishlist




UOHOME wishlist and home decor ideas


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