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My favorite part about fall is the cozy sweaters and comfy leggings, however here in San Diego the weather is sunny and 75 into the start of fall, so you have to start getting creative if you want to enjoy the comfiness of fall, but not look like you’re in your PJs. This look is one of my favorites, although it is still summer weather outside, the large light-weight sweater gives me a warm and cozy feeling. This sweater, combined with loose-fitting jean shorts, made me feel comfortable and look stylish while my boyfriend and I explored Old Town San Diego.

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Quick blog post and a simple look. There is really nothing I love more. A look like this can be so effortless when I don’t want to spend forever planning an outfit or fussing over accessories.

Where to Wear:

Running errands, just hanging out, walking around the city (anywhere you want to remain comfy but stylish)

Get the Look:

Sweater (Basement Marketplace) / Shorts (Free People) / Shoes (Nordstroms, Steve Madden)


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