Duke’s Rescue Story #UOLoveStories



This isn’t a fashion post, but I wanted to share a little part of my personal life today.

Urban Outfitters had set out to “celebrate love in every sense of the word” this Valentines day season. Which is why today I wanted to write a little bit about how my best friend (my dog, lol) and how he came into my life a year ago.

Meet Duke

Photo of Duke

Duke – 1 year old

Duke is, well we don’t really know, but some sort of shepherd-collie mix. One day I hope to get him DNA tested to know for sure! He is a little over 1 year old, now. He is full of energy and loves to greet everyone with a jump and a lick in the face.

A year ago on Valentine’s Day, I found Duke on the side of the road.

Day we found Duke

The day we found duke (2.14.2017)

As my boyfriend and I were driving back from horseshoe bend in Arizona we saw four small, scared and malnourished dogs on the side of the side of the road. Three brown and one white, the small brown ones were scared and didn’t run much so I gathered all of them together as my boyfriend chased down Duke. He was the fastest of the litter who barked at us to protect his brothers. He was the biggest of the litter and clearly was the one that looked out of the rest of the littler.

After some convincing Duke finally let my boyfriend pick him up and take him to the car. I knew right then I would never let anyone abandon him again, he was mine.

Duke was malnourished, underweight and sick.

He had a horrible case of mange, which caused his skin to be itchy and half of his fur to be gone. After three months with lots of love and care, he got healthy again!

Duke 3 months

Duke – 3 months old

A year later Duke is still a huge part of my life, and all his brothers got a wonderful home. My #UOLoveStory goes out to my pup for being the happiest, cuddliest dog there ever was.

I still cannot believe someone would leave him on the side of the road, but I am glad Duke came into my life a year ago (February 13, 2016 to be exact).

Duke – Six months old

I also wanted to take a second to say if you are a person looking to bring a loving animal into your life and home I encourage you to ADOPT don’t shop! There are so many loving, beautiful animals that are desperate for a loving home.

And if you do choose to bring an animal into your life, commit to it! Know what you’re getting yourself into, be prepared and do your research. It is so incredibly unfair to watch animals homes change because a person wasn’t prepared for the undertaking of having a pet. They are one incredible blessing, they will give you all their love, you will be their whole life, so be prepared to give it all right back.



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