Fall Inspired Home Decor



Fall is officially here and we all know what that means…

It’s time to break out the pumpkins, fall scented candles and warm up the home decor. I used to hate decorate for holidays because the decor always felt so tacky and cheap. This time, I spent hours scrolling through my Pinterest to get all the chic, timeless, fall decor inspo. I wanted to share some of the fall home decor trends I am loving right now. And don’t worry, there are no pumpkins on pillows or tacky scare crows here!

img src=”https://butwhatshouldiwear.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/b637e4fa-f8ee-4aea-bbc1-9ddd8c3f5095.jpeg” alt=”” data-id=”7418″ data-link=”https://butwhatshouldiwear.com/b637e4fa-f8ee-4aea-bbc1-9ddd8c3f5095/” class=”wp-image-7418″/>


  1. love your style!
    Where did you get the big oversized dried dandelions?
    I just love those, would like to put in my home.

    would love to know

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