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So this week I wanted to introduce a new segment I will be adding to the blog, Friday Faves! A weekly blog post that highlights my current favorite beauty and skincare products. As a blogger I get to test and try multiple different brands and products and a lot of the time I ending loving multiple. I thought a weekly round-ups of some of my favorite brands and products in different categories would be the perfect way to share products I am loving.

This week I am highlighting a few of my favorite face washes. I love each of these for different reasons. I use each of these religiously and interchangeably depending on the season and my skin.

The Holy Grail

Burt’s Bees Brightening Face Wash – $10

My go-to daily cleaner for the past four years. I originally purchased it because it was cruelty free + all natural and kept using it because it left my skin clearer and brighter then ever. That’s why it is my holy grail face wash.


Tula Probiotic Purifying Cleanser – $25

One of my newer favorites, this probiotic cleanser really helps clear my break outs. My skin literally feels fresh and “balanced” after I use it. It’s gentle on my skin but is the one cleanser that really works on my breakouts.


Youth the the People Kale + Green Tea Face Wash – $36

Another favorite, this super food cleanser does wonders for my skin. It really helps break down all the dirt on my skin. I use this cleanser when I need a really deep clean. However, I can’t use it everyday because it dries out my skin.


Naturally Serious Gentle Cleanser – $26

I discovered this face wash over six months ago and I have been obsessed with it ever since. This is one of the cleanest skin care brands I have ever found. I love using this as an everyday cleanser. It is even better during the winter when my skin needs a little extra moisture.

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Friday Faves: Face Wash


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