Fuzzy Lounge Sets



It’s safe to say that comfy lounge wear is breaking the internet night now. Instagram is filled with people showing off their comfy matching sweat sets and it left me wanting to buy them all.

Just when I thought I had enough oversized tee shirts and sweats…here I am adding every cute fuzzy lounge set I can find to my cart.

I’d like to just take a moment to thank to original queen, Kim K., for launching her Skims line and introducing us to the fuzzy lounge wear. It didn’t take long for every other fashion label to catch on and recreate the iconic three piece fuzzy lounge set.

While I love Kim K as much as the next girl, I just couldn’t rationalize spending $270 on a lounge set. So, I searched the internet to find some more wallet friendly options and figured I’d share my finds with all of you.



  1. Lilly says:

    In love with these fuzzy lounge sets! They look relaxed, simple and somewhat sporty. The perfect style for stay home looks!

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