HELLO 2017



2017 is FINALLY here! Now I know you don’t need a new year to start new resolutions and set new goals, but there is something about this new year that really has me taking some time to reflect on the past 366 days. I am thankful for everything 2016 has brought me, but I am even more excited for what 2017 has in store! I am especially thankful for all of you who read my blog and have supported me through this new journey. Thank you and I love you.

This year has been a big one for me. I graduated college, got a full-time job, cut my hair, and found my (dog) best friend on the side of the road. I also finally got to spend more time with my family, along with taking some time to be alone and reflect on my life, goals, and passions. Not to mention I launched my blog But What Should I Wear! Here is a little review of the year along with what is in store for 2017:

black friday online sales 2016

My New Year Resolutions


Starting my blog, But What Should I Wear, was a chance to follow my dream. But, little did I know how much time, effort, and commitment would have to go into it. I have learned so much over the past four months and I have so much in store for my blog and my followers this year. I’ve have spent time brainstorming new content and planning out the year. Thank you to all of you that have been following me since the very beginning. I have BIG plans and BIG goals for But What Should I Wear, stay tuned!


Last year my resolution was the read more. I only started to really dive into this resolution six months ago, but since then I have filled my books shelves and I plan to continue this resolution through 2017.

Looking into 2017, I am also getting excited for a change in location and to move out of my family’s home. To live on my own and establish myself in new places.

Lastly, my big resolution this year is to be more mindful.


I am so thankful that I was fortunate enough to find a job right after graduation. With three promotions in 7 months and currently working as a marketing manager I have learned so much. I have had tremendous opportunities to grow and to learn and I only plan to further my career in 2017. I am not done learning, growing, and moving up.

My Style

Moving from Flagstaff to San Diego this year had definitely influenced my change of style. I went from a laid back, “hippie”, Birkenstock wearing town to a city where it’s always sunny and you can get away with trying new styles. My style is and always has been very minimalistic. I tend to stick with neutral colors and simple silhouettes. This year I want to try and think out of the box a little more, adding more pops of color and unconventional silhouettes.

but what should i wear fall outfit style bell sleeve turtle neck and dress

corduroy navy pants for fall fashion

With all of this; I say HELLO 2017, I am excited to see everything you have to offer. I will embrace 2017 and all of the changes and adventures it will bring.

Now, I want to hear about what you’re excited about. What are your new year resolutions? What goals have you set for yourselves? How will you be inspired and more mindful this year? Please, share!



  1. Daeyz says:

    Such great resolutions! Wishing you the best for 2017!


  2. Erin Azmir says:

    Great resolutions! Good luck on your job and Happy New Year x


  3. Happy new year’s 2017!
    Hope this year could be excited for us!
    Your style look awesome x


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