How to Layer Necklaces like a Pro



When it comes to jewelry I love finding the perfect stackable necklaces to layer. Layering your jewelry is an easy way to make a statement with your outfit. However, it is not always easy to put together to perfect set of necklaces with the right lengths. To help you out I have put together a few of my go-to tips and guidelines to follow when layering jewelry so you can style necklaces like a pro.

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Step 1 – Pick one statement piece

Choose a longer statement piece. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy but I piece that will stand out from the other, daintier necklaces. My go-to statement is a coin or pendant necklace. You can also add some color to your statement piece by choosing a gem or colored tassel.


Step 2 – Pick your basics

I think it is important to have a handful of quality and simple necklaces you can mix and match no matter what statement piece you choose. Keep a couple basic, dainty necklaces available to throw on whenever you want to make more of a statement with your jewelry.

Step 3 – Go for the “Waterfall” Effect

Put the most dainty pieces on the top, style them shorter and have your statement piece longer and towards to the bottom.

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  1. Such a great post!
    Love your tips for layering necklaces, simple and clear.

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