My $10 Jewelry Haul



So I have been trying to step up my jewelry game lately because I have been loving all the trends of gold layered necklaces, stacked dainty rings, and gold seashell bracelets!

I finally went to the mall the other day to see what I could find. My goal was to stock up on layering pieces without breaking the bank and I SCORED! I found a gold mine (literally!) at H&M with every jewelry trend I was looking for! My total? $10! In all I got 4 necklaces, 4 earrings, and a set of 18 stackable rings.

I linked all of the ones I loved below for you to shop! But, I highly suggest going into the H&M store and scoping out the deals for yourself. All of these pieces are bit pricier online, when I was in the store they all had “$1, $3, $4” stickers on them!

I know these will tarnish over time and won’t last me forever, but they are so cute and trendy it’s worth it to snag up a few. 🙂

Gold Layering Necklaces:

Pro-tip: I always purchase packs of necklaces where each chain has its own clasp, that way I can mix and match them how I want.

Gold Seashell Jewelry:

Stackable Rings:

Trendy Hair Clips:


  1. Ruth Josey says:

    Wow! You sure did score! They look great and you don’t feel bad when they do finally break or tarnish. I’ll definitely have to have a look. I love the easy summer outfit you’re wearing, too – it’s so simple but so perfect!


  2. Mica says:

    What great pieces! You got some really cute pieces! 🙂

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! 🙂

  3. Shayne says:

    Ahh, they are so nice!!! I want! Unfortunately there is no H&M store in my area!

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