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It’s been over 2 years since my love affair with Abercrombie denim started, so I figured it time to give you an updated guide to my favorite Abercrombie denim styles. My goals is to walk you through the fit & feel of every single pair of Abercrombie denim, from the famous 90s straight leg denim to the best selling mom jeans. Hopefully this guide will help you mind YOUR perfect fit.

Included at the bottom of this post are all the FAQs when it comes to Abercrombie denim AND to make your shopping experience as easy as possible I have a few videos giving you a side by side look at all the styles & fit of each jean. I even included what the size & size down look like here.

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Consider this your Abercrombie Denim cheat sheet.



What’s your favorite pair of Abercrombie denim? Easy, the 90s straight leg denim. I mean they’re viral for a reason and I get so much wear out of them.

What’s the most universally loved style of Abercrombie denim? Again, the 90s straight leg jeans are a viral fave. However, I noted the mom jeans are the best selling pair of jeans for my audience.

Do Abercrombie jeans run true to size? Absolutely! Choosing to size up or down in denim is more of personal preference rather then an issue with the fit. I typically go true to size, but if I’m looking for a more lived in/casual fit I’ll size up and if I’m looking for a more structured/rigid straight fit I’ll size down.

What’s the best style for dressing up or down? The black straight legs jeans are probably the most versatile pair of Abercrombie jeans. Pop on sneakers and a graphic tee, throw on a leather jacket and booties or really dress when up with a pointy heel and corset.

Do the Dad jeans run large? This is a tricky answer, because while I think they run true to size they are also meant be a bit looser and baggier. If you want the dad jean style but like jeans for pinched in the waist, size down.

Whats the difference between the slim and the straight 90s jeans? You can see the difference in all the jeans side by side on my youtube video, here I share all the 90s styles and how they fit side by side. But, general the slim are a lot slimmer under the butt and around the ankles.

How do you style the jeans? SO many different ways! Here’s a recent IG post that features a few different ways I like to style denim. When in doubt Pintrest always gives me a ton of inspo!

Are the denim shorts worth the hype? DUH! They’re not as iconic as the jeans, but here’s a full honest review of all the short styles:

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