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I never thought I would would have a thing for polka dots, but here I am writing a whole post on polka dot swim suits! Aside from the polka dots, I also wanted to share my two favorite styles of swimsuits that are sure to be a hit come spring and summer!

I swear these two silhouettes will flatter just about every body type. I first fell in love with these styles last summer when I was dealing with body insecurities and weight gain, you can read more about that here. I felt like these bathing suits flattered me in all the right places so, you bet I am adding a few more to my wardrobe this year.

Polka Dot Pieces I’m Loving:

The Cut-Out One-Piece

If you were around last year, you will notice this trend started last summer when I shared my summer swim look book here. Talk about flattering in all the right places! I love one pieces that have cut outs in the middle, but still keep the waist high. It makes for such a flattering silhouette while remaining modest.

By getting a one-piece with cut outs, you get a bathing suit that hugs you in all the right places while staying fashionable and comfy. I always felt so confident in this style of swimsuit last year. Wether I was playing beach games or eating a burger on by the pool, I never had to worry about feeling out of my comfort zone. It kept me covered in all the places I felt self-conscious about but still have a fun and flirty style!

The High-Waisted Two Piece

It’s no secret I am a sucker for anything high-waisted, but I truly have a thing for high waisted swim suits. The silhouette of high waisted bottoms hug you in all the right places and personally, I think they flatter your stomach more the low rise swimsuits.

The best way to pull off this look is to pair your bottoms with a slim, dainty top to balance out the entire look. But, if you need more support and coverage I think the a scoop neck bikini top with think straps (like the one I’m wearing here) is the perfect addition!



  1. Marta says:

    Polka dots are so cute! And you’re right, the first model really does look flattering. I’ve always worn bikinis but this year I’m looking forward to getting a bathing suit, I think there are such cute ones out there and I can’t wait to see what brands create for this summer.

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