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The Malibu Mobile Preset Pack, is designed specifically for iPhone photos. This preset pack is more vibrant and saturated then our other preset packs. This pack includes five different presets, each one is a variation of the original Malibu 01 Preset (unlike our other preset packs which include completely different editing styles, this pack is contains simple variations to help you achieve the same look with slight tweaks accounted for lighting)

Disclaimer – the Wander presets are designed to be used in Adobe Lightroom CC App on your phone. Due to limitations with  our website, you must first download the .zip file onto a DESKTOP and transfer the file to your phone, this is explained in the installation guide that comes with your preset purchase. You can transfer the files to your phone using e-mail, DropBox, GoogleDrive, AirDrop, and more.

Note: the download will not work if downloaded on your mobile phone – a desktop is required for download – if you wish to purchase presets that will download directly to your phone, please use our Etsy shop HERE.

Presets are best used on .JPG images and to be used in the Lightroom mobile app, which can be dowloaded for free in the App store on your phone. Please note, these are not filters, these presets work differently on every photo depending on lighting, colors, etc. You will likely need to tweak the presets a bit.


These presets are designed to work best with even light, blue tones and neutral colors including: Yellow, Blue, and Purple. It will require more adjustments for photos have harsh shadows and that contain a heavy amount of black, greens and reds. This preset also heavily adjusts skin tone and skin can often come out orange depending on lighting and personal skin tone, you will likely have to make adjustments to get the desired looks, this is further explained in the installation guide.


  • MALIBU 01 (The original Malibu Preset)
  • MALIBU 02 (A more subtle editing variation)
  • MALIBU 03 (A brighter editing variation)
  • MALIBU 04 (A warmer editing variation)
  • MALIBU 05 (A second warm editing variation)
  • Installation Guide + Editing Tips (PDF)

Looking for all the Mobile Presets? Click HERE.

Want the full bundle? Click HERE for desktop + mobile presets.

FINAL SALE: Due to the digital nature of the product and since the presets cannot be returned, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds. – If you experience any issues with the presets please contact our customer service at – for our full terms & conditions, click HERE.

Note: the download link expires after 14 days.



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