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People call me crazy for giving so much attention to my skin at such a young age but let’s be honest, prevention is a lot easier the preparing age damage to your skin. That is why I started investing my time (and money) into finding skin care products that actually work, and sometimes quality products come with a higher price tag.

One of my all time favorite skin care brands is Clark’s Botanicals. I have been using their products for over a year and I am absolutely obsessed. My entire skincare routine with the exception of my face wash and skin oils is currently Clark’s Botanicals. I can honestly say their products INSTANTLY brightening my skin, cleared my brake outs, and reduced my fine lines.

Nobody wants to waste their time or money on a $100 product that is equivalent to one that’s $15. That said, below is a list of brands that actually deliver on the claims they make, per my own experiences with each. Your skin will thank you for this investment trust me.

More Splurgy-Worthy Skincare Brands:

A few other splurge-worthy skincare brands I am obsessed with include: Kate SomervilleDrunk ElephantFresh, Amala, and Asari. A few of my personal favorite products include:


Daily-Use Favorites:

Currently In My Skin Care Cabinet:

After removing my make-up and washing my face I load my skin up on Clark’s Botanicals. My current nighttime routine includes the Lifting Moisture Mist, followed by the Anti-puff Eye Cream, and lastly lathering my face in Clark’s new Retinol Rescue Face Serum. If my skin is in need of a little extra love I’ll add the Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream at the end of my skincare routine.

Must-Have Masks:

Use them together for the ultimate moisturizing, skin-brighting duo!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, however, some products were received complimentary. All photos and opinions are my own. Some links are affiliate links.


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    I love ClarkBotanicals ! I’d love to enter IG giveaway but cannot find t&c anywhere :/

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