Striped Two-Piece Set



I don’t wear matching two-piece sets all that often, but I just couldn’t walk out of the store without having both of these items.

Two piece sets can be a fantastic buy because you basically get an endless amount of outfit options with just two pieces. When I tried on this striped two-piece set I fell in love with the items as separate pieces, but that fact that I could wear them together was also exciting. I got a cute top, some fun pants, and an awesome one piece jumpsuit all in one purchase. Woo!

Scroll to the bottom for direct links to these items and more! two piece stripped set from nordstom on but what should i wear fashion blog å Get the Look:


  1. Daeyz says:

    Love the look and versatility of these!


  2. Rachael says:

    Love this outfit, it look so fresh 🙂

    Rachael xx.

  3. Such great shots! Do you take your photos with a tripod or do you have someone to take them?

  4. Grace says:

    Super cute! I definitely need to expand my 2-piece set collection because like you said, they’re so versatile! And your hair is perfection <3


    • Thank you, Grace that means so much! Exactly that’s why I still love when the pieces are separated because then you get an awesome power suite, plus a great pant and shirt to pair with the rest of your wardrobe 🙂

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