As summer comes to a close, it’s back to prioritizing my morning and bedtime routine. I’m talking about setting my alarm a bit earlier in the morning and putting my phone down well before my head hits the pillow at night. I’m all about streamlining my routines and making everything as easy and accessible as possible. That’s why making sure my nightstand houses all of my essentials is incredibly important. 

For today’s post, I rounded up everything that is stocked up in my nightstand at all times. I’ve included everything I may need to reach for from the comfort of my bed, morning or night! You may also recognize that I’m using my nightstand to hold me accountable for a lot of the daily ritual  goals I set for myself back in January, which you can read more about here.

Other items I love to keep in my nightstand include my Kindle – or any current book I’m reading, some matches – for the candle I keep on my nightstand and an extra phone charger!

Now don’t be fooled, my nightstand isn’t always this clean and put together, I have an entire second drawer where all my random junk lies, but I hope this gives you a good idea of some of my everyday essentials!

Also, in case you’re new here, Olly supplements and gummies are my everyday go-tos! Some of my ride or die favorites include the Collagen Peach Ring Gummies, the Hair Ultra Soft gels and the Skin Bright gummies. I switch out my current favorites depending on what I currently need in my life. While those are some of my everyday favorites here are my other favorites that are on rotation:

Beauty + Skin Care


What’s in my Nightstand


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