The Artesian-Inspired Shoe You Need this Fall



Recently I have been focusing on my favorite fall trends and fall colors. I asked you guys on Instagram last week what your favorite fall color is. You guys answered everything from rust reds, burnt orange, olive greens, greys, and off-white or neutral tones. The best part of these answers though is they all complement each other. This shoe I am wearing from Artemis Design Co. highlights all of my favorite fall colors.

There is no arguing that these colors are in season this year. Another big trend this year (in home decor) is patterned rugs. They are all over some of my favorite home decor Instagram accounts. Why am I pointing this trend out? Because, Artemis Design Co. perfectly crafts and designs unique shoes, bags, and accessories out Turkish rugs.

Oh and P.S. my friends at Artemis hooked you guys up with a special discount code that gives you $15 off your first order, use the code ‘friendsofallison15’ here.

Artemis Design Co Kilim Loafers Photo-2_preview

The flat-woven textiles are used to make these shoes in their artisan workshop. Each shoe is HANDMADE from Turkish rugs, meaning not one shoe will look exactly the same. I have always had a love for artisan fashion. There is something special about fashion that is inspired by the world around us and made by hand. The love for design and attention to detail really shows when wearing the shoes. They are sturdy, high quality, uniquely designed, and comfortable. What more could you want in a shoe?


The Process

Whenever I come across a brand as unique as Artemis I always want to learn the story behind the brand and the process to create such high-quality products. In addition, Artemis is helping to reduce waste by up-cycling Turkish Kilims that are no longer suitable for their intended purpose. Once the fabric and material are sourced their artisan designers and cobblers get to work on molding and creating the shoes. After the shoes dry and form the desired shape each pair is looked over and gaps, mismatch colors, or tears in the rug are hand sewn with matching threads.

You can read their full story as well as learn about the designer’s, Milicent Armstrong, inspiration behind these shoes here.

Artemis Design Co Kilim Loafers Photo-2_preview Artemis Design Co Kilim Loafers Photo-2_preview Artemis Design Co Kilim Loafers Photo-2_preview

The pair I choose was the classic Kilim loafers, picking a rug that had a color palette with more neutral, fall-inspired colors. But, I already have my eye in these Kilim slides!

Artemis Design Co Kilim Loafers Photo-2_preview

I styled this outfit with my new favorite red jumpsuit from Shop Lux Clothing paired with my Artemis Design Co. loafers.

Don’t forget to use this special discount code that gives you $15 off your first order, use the code ‘friendsofallison15’ here.

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by Artemis Design Co. all opinions, thoughts, and photos are my own.



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