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It may not feel like it Southern California with this heat wave we are having. But, we are well into fall and just because you might not be able to cozy up into your favorite sweater just yet, doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the colors of fall! Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons simply because of the warm tones and earthy colors. I am naturally drawn to neutral colors so it makes sense why I love the season! I used to live in Flagstaff, AZ where the streets and mountains would be lined with red, orange, and brown leaves. That’s something you don’t see in Los Angeles!

Today I wanted to share with you my personal fall color palette. I just did a large purchase of fall clothes, that I will be sharing in a try-on haul video as soon as it arrives! I stuck with this main theme and color palette throughout planning my fall outfits and Instagram feed (I am a nerd to plan my Insta with a color palette I know! 🙂 ) This year I was very inspired by earthy tones including olive greens, rust reds, burnt orange, neutral tans, and off whites.

Here is my fall color palette along with a mood board of inspiring outfits inspiring from my Pinterest and some of my go-to fall pieces. ENJOY!

Fall color palette on But What Should I Wear

Must have fall items in OLIVE

RUST and RED items to blush over

Fall NEUTRALS too keep you cool



My fall color palette by but what should i wear -

My fall color palette by but what should i wear -


  1. antela says:

    Such a beautiful outfit!

  2. Nice and Perfect looking outfit..

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