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Hey everyone! Man, it feels like forever since I have given you all a little life update.

So, here it goes…

These past few months have been a whirl wind to say the least. So many changes have been happening in my life, career, and relationships.

As many of you know I am getting ready to move up to LA permanently (eek!) I am filled with excitement and just a little bit of nerves. I decided I was going to make the move to Los Angeles back in November 2016. However, it is finally starting to feel real with the big move right around the corner (God willing, we find an apartment by July 1st!)

I made the decision to move to Los Angeles to continue to grow my blog, to help further my career in the fashion industry, and to be closer to my boyfriend of 3 years (no we are not moving in together.)

I am thankful that I will be continuing my current role as a Market Director while working remotely!

On a personal note…

I graduated from college a little over a year ago, and no one truly tells you what life is going to be like. For months I felt lost, alone, and overwhelmed. I struggled with a lot of personal demons, some of which left me sick for months on end. Unable to work, blog, or live a normal life. I wasn’t sure who I was anymore.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and where to find happiness. These are struggles I never thought I would share and even still this is only a small glimpse of it. Maybe I will share my full personal story with you all some day.

But for now, I am happy to find myself in a new season of my life. A season filled with love, support, and kindness. I believe in myself again and I have learned what has made me happy. This is largely because of two things: my amazing, supportive, patient boyfriend AND the community I have found through blogging.

So, thank you.

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What’s Next for But What Should I Wear?

So much! I have finally found my groove and I hope to continue to produce content you all will love while collaborating with amazing creatives in Southern California.

I will be starting a blogging tips and tricks series next month!

Questions about blogging and social media tips fill my inbox everyday I figured I should share the love! I am a no secrets kind of gal, I plan on sharing it all!

I STRONGLY believe there is room for all of us to succeed and sharing my tips and secrets won’t hinder my success and will help you grow yours!

Please message me or leave a comment with any questions you have regarding blogging, fashion, and social media.

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I just wanted to take a second to say…


From the absolutely bottom of my heart. If you are reading this, if you are on my blog right now, YOU are the reason I am doing this. Your kind words and support help to keep me focused and give me motivation! I only hope I can give it all back to you someday 🙂

I love you guys, stay tuned for all the fun things to come to But What’s Should I Wear!

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Photography by Kate Mitchell follow her on Instagram @sixthousand.minutes


  1. Jackielyn says:

    Love this! I’m also from San Diego but moved North- between SD and LA! Good luck with the move and enjoy your new journey ?

  2. Nicolette says:

    I only started following your blog recently, but I like what you’ve been posting. Good luck on your journey!

  3. Like I said on Insta, so happy to have a boss babe like you here in LA. I’m excited for you in this new chapter of your life and that you’ve made it through some rough patches will make it that much sweeter. Cheers to new adventures and great things ahead!

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