How to Rock Denim on Denim (aka the Canadian Tuxedo)



I know what you guys are thinking, “is she really writing a post about denim on denim? What is this the 90s?” HELL YEAH!

It is no secret that I love denim. So occasionally I decide to rock my favorite denim pieces together.

Every time I throw on a Canadian Tuxedo, I either A) get made fun (by someone who doesn’t understand my love for the comfort of good denim) or B) I get questions about how to properly style the trend or a “gosh I wish I could rock that!”

So if you are a “B” person, this post is for you.

Here are the steps to rocking denim on denim:

1. Accept that you are about to rock a trend a lot of people find ridiculous
2. OWN IT!

Yep, that’s about it haha!

Also, make sure your two pieces of denim aren’t too matchy-matchy. You want to pair slightly different washes together, but nothing too drastic.

Don’t wear oversized on oversized. Make sure one of the pieces is a little more fitted otherwise it will look like you were swallowed by denim.

You can never go wrong with some fitted vintage levi’s and an oversized denim jacket. Like THIS ONE that I am obsessed with at the moment.

Shop the entire look HERE.


  1. Dealman says:

    this is such a cool look! I love the denim.

  2. Sara Azani says:

    You look beautiful! And what a cool jacket! <3

    xx Sara

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