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I cannot believe that in exactly 24 hours I will be making my way to Italy. For those of you that don’t know, I have never left the country before! Nope, not even our boarding countries, Canada and Mexico. Shocking I know! This year I made it my new years resolution to buy a passport and leave the country, CHECK AND (almost) CHECK! 🙂

Earlier today I asked YOU to share your best travel tips, tricks and secrets over Instagram. I got an overwhelming amount of feedback and it was incredibly helpful. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the tips and tricks I have learned with my fellow newbie travelers. I will be sharing tips for everything from food, safety, money, and just enjoying your travels!

Comment below if I missed anything and share your tips!

Taken by: @davidsamuelko

Tips for Traveling Abroad

The Plane Ride

  • Bring extra snacks
  • A good eye mask and a book is a necessity
  • Bring wipes to sanitize your seat

How to stay safe

  • Don’t tell taxi drivers you are traveling, they may take advantage since you do not know the area
  • Bring a few color copies of your passport, plus leave one with your family. Should your passport get stolen this will speed up the process
  • Beware of free public Wifi, do not log-on, use passwords or make purchases online
  • Don’t bring attention to yourself, don’t be an “obvious” or “obnoxious” tourist
  • Read up on common crimes and scams in the areas you are visiting
  • Share your itinerary and travel destinations with a family or friend

Taken by: @davidsamuelko.

Watch your money

  • Bring a cross body to hold your valuables and money in
  • Always have your purse in front of you, keep your hand on it when walking in crowded areas or traveling
  • Don’t put anything in your back pocket
  • Bring a hideaway fanny pack to hide your passport, cash and credit cards under clothes when traveling
  • Call you bank and let them know you are traveling to avoid any issues with your credit cards
  • Make sure you know the most current currency exchange to avoid over spending
  • Monitor your credit card
  • When possible use cash, people try to scan credit card stripes (plus your bank will charge you for each transaction)
  • Keep your cash separated – some in you wallet, some in backpack, some in your luggage, etc.


  • Bring an international outlet adapter, this one came highly recommended
  • Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry on in case your luggage gets lost
  • Get Guide books + local maps in case you don’t have service or access to WiFi
  • Bring hand sanitizer and stock up on vitamins to build up your immune system
  • Pack light!
  • Learn common phrases, especially “Do you speak english?”

Taken by: @davidsamuelko


  • The food is always better where people hardly speak english
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things!
  • Find a midnight bakery – many of the bakeries open as early as 3-4AM and start selling fresh baked goods in the back
  • If you have a sensitive stomach (like me) bring medication to help ease upset stomachs
  • Ask the locals! They will always know the best hole in the wall spots

Enjoy Yourself

  • Leave room for Spontaneity
  • Comfy shoes are a must!
  • Don’t be afraid to rest and take it it easy
  • Schedule time to just relax and enjoy yourself, don’t over do it
  • Some of your plans won’t work out, don’t stress
  • Be open to experiencing new cultures




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