What’s in My Suitcase: Italy in the Summer



Well it’s no secret I am packing my bags and heading to Italy for two weeks! My boyfriend and I are going to explore the coast of Italy for our first international trip together. Thank God Italy has a warm summer during August because it makes packing light that much easier! No heavy coats or rain jackets for this girl! However, I am packing plenty of sun dresses and crop tops!

Did I mention I am only bringing a carry on?! Yep one 22 x 16 x 9 inch suitcase and a backpack, Lord help me. But, good news some how I have managed to stuff 12 dresses, 15 tops, 3 shorts, 2 pants, 17 pairs of underwear, 3 swimsuit, and 3 pars of shoes into a carry-on!That should just about get me through a two week vacation abroad. Fingers crossed it weighs less the 22 pounds.

Since so many of you are asking, I have linked EXACTLY what I have packed for Italy! If you see any of my Instagram posts or stories I can guarantee I linked the item below. 🙂

What’s in My Suitcase for Italy

Cover photo from here.



  1. Macey says:

    I LOVE the blue one-piece & the gorgeous white dress with the yellow flowers!! You’re going to look amazing over there I’m sure. Enjoy your trip!!!

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