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72 Hours in Roma

I tried creating the ultimate Italian travel guide, but it was just way to much to digest in one post. So, here I am writing out a handful of different travel guides to my favorite Italian cities. Just writing this blog post has me dreaming about pasta and humming Dean Martin’s An Evening in Roma.

If you’re headed to Italy prep your stomach, feet, and heart! There is no shortage of good food, wine, history, art, and walking! I have rounded up everything from my favorite places to explore to the yummiest pasta restaurants.


The Colosseum – Whether or not you are as obsessed with Lizzie McGuire as am, let’s be honest the Colosseum is a MUST see. We did not go inside the, which is a huge regret because my friends say its absolutely amazing. It is such an epic piece of history you can’t miss it.

Vatican City – Vatican City and the Sistine chapel has to be filled with some of the move epic art I have ever seen. Every inch is covered in history, art, and architecture. Don’t waste your money on the “skip the line” tickets, go early in the afternoon before it gets busy and you won’t wait more then 30 minutes. Set aside a whole day to explore if you plan on doing both St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel (note: they are separate tickets!)

The Spanish Steps – A tad bit over rated but, it is such an amazing center to just hangout and enjoy the sunset and a bottle of wine.

The Pantheon – The Pantheon might just be the most epic piece of architecture in Rome. The mere fact that the Romans were able to build a dome that magnificent over two thousand years ago. Check the hours and make sure you visit while it is open so you can go inside and truly take in the glory. Then visit it again at night and take a short walk to the Trevi Fountain.

(Tip: visit the Trevi Fountain at night, it is so gorgeous and there are no crowds! Visiting in the afternoon is a little bit of a nightmare)



Roscioli – For the best morning pastries, plus grab an espresso around the corner

Frigidarium – For the best geltao in Roma! I had about half a dozen people recommend the Frigidarium

La Prosciutteria – For the charcuterie board of your dreams! Hands down my favorite place. Don’t order from the menu, let them make you a fresh meat and cheese board!

Osteria Da Fortunata – Found fresh hand made pasta! Trust me the wait is worth it, you can even watch them make your pasta in the restraunt

Da Montecarlo or Antica Pizzeria da Michele – For true Italian pizza

Supplizio – For Italian street food like rice, potato croquettes, fried cream, pecorino cheese, and more


The Alleys – Avoid taking the typical routes when walking to your attractions, take the alleys. They alleyways are so unique and beautiful. You are really immersed in the culture and you’ll find the best hole-in-the-wall, authentic Italian cafes and restaurants.

The Tiber River – I truly loved walking around the Tiber River in the evening, there are a ton of cute food stops and places to drink wine. It a perfect way to wind down the day and enjoy yourself on the river.

The Roman Forum – A city of ruins and history. It is so incredible to walk around, explore, and just take in all the history. Bring water and your walking shoes, you’re going to want to see it all.

Every Single Church – If you see a church and it’s open, WALK IN. Each church is so incredibly beautiful and unique they are all worth a visit. I was in awe every time I walked into an old church. The churches took my breath away every time.


AirBnb is no doubt the best way to travel if you’re in your 20s. There are countless amazing rooms available for less the $50/night. Plus, you get more amenities then a hostile, like privacy, a kitchen, and a slightly more comfortable bed.

My biggest tip besides checking the reviews of each Airbnb is location, location, location. Find a location that is central to wear you want to site see. That makes site seeing and walking around the city much easier. Avoid staying in an area where you will have to take a bus or taxi to site seeing locations. Trust me it is not worth saving the extra buck and there are plenty of budget friendly places right in the heart of Rome. HERE is the one we stayed at, it’s small but it gets the job done and is the PERFECT location.

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