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You’ll catch me using these products all summer long to help keep my skin glowing. Here’s are little tidbits on why I’m obsessed with each product I included in this post:

Tan Luxe Super Glow – gives you that perfect gradual golden self tanner glow, there is no added fragrance which leaves it smelling a bit like tanner, but the smell fades the second you rinse

Summer Fridays Summer Skin – is my summer go-to summer moisturizer, it absorbs so well and keeps your skin hydrated after long days in the sun. It smells just like a tropical, coconut summer day.

The Ouai Body Scrub – perfect for scrubbing the beach day away, the scrub it really coarse and works to polish away your dead skin sells leaving your skin super soft. Like everything the Ouai does, it smells devine.

Moon Juice Acid Potion – you know a good AHA toner is key ingredient in my night time skin care routine to keep your skin bright and soft dark spots. Just make sure you’re loading up on the SPF in the morning.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Dry Brush – Now this one is a recent purchase, but I’ve heard so many amazing things when it comes to dry brushing!

Ilia Skin Tint – One of my favorites for summer to get that perfect medium coverage, dewy glow. The serum covers like a foundation but is packed with SPF and skin nourishing ingredients which we stan.

Summer Friday Lip Butter – another new addition to my summer bag, but my first impression matches the hype this lip balm gets on Instagram.

Summer Fridays Body Glow – clearly you can never have enough Summer Fridays, trust me when I say this body shimmer is life changing. Keeps you hydrated when you’re out in the sun and your skin will be GLOWING with the perfect amount of golden shimmer

Herbivore Coconut Body Oil – This baby is almost always in my beach bag, I love using it after a day in the water to keep my skin hydrated, trust me you’re body will thank you for this one! Plus is smells like coconut, YUM!

Ilia Glow Stick – another Ilia favorite, whether you’re doing full glam or just want to add a little highlight to your bare face, I’m obsessed with this highlighter stick


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