Trend Alert: Cane Chairs



1 – Hoffman Armchair |Design Within Reach

2 – Black and Cane Arm Chair | Urban Outfitters

3 – Brown Cane Arm Chair

4 – Cane 21 Chair | Industry West

5 – Boho Natural DayBed | CB2

The Story Behind the Chair

If you follow me on Instagram then you are already familiar with how much I have been loving cane chairs. They have been slowly gaining popularity over the past year when multiple high-end home designers released drool-worthy cane chairs like this XXX by XXX. Ever since this black cane chair caught my eye, I have been on the hunt for a more affordable one.

Thanks to the help of all my followers, I managed to snag the most perfect black cane lounge chair from Home Goods for $100! If you’re not familiar with the saga: I first spotted the chair on my friend Ashley’s Instagram story and immediately dropped everything to drive to HomeGoods, but it was sold by the time I arrived. I proceeded to visit three more HomeGoods locations and had no luck! The hunt was on as I contacted multiple locations to track down the chair with no success. After a few more failed HomeGoods trips and multiple DMs of everyone joining in, one amazing follower sent me a message that she found the chair. Lucky for me it was at the HomeGoods down the street from my house AND she put it on hold for me! I GOT THE CHAIR!

I quickly realized how much I loved how unique the cane chair looked in my home! I wanted to put together this blog post to help you score the perfect cane chair for your place. 🙂

I linked a few of my favorites at multiple price points throughout this blog post, happy hunting!



Trend Alert: Cane Chairs


  1. Great post, always looking for inspiration

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