White tee + boyfriend jeans



There is nothing better than a baggy pair of boyfriend jeans and a white comfy tee, especially now that the fall weather is slowly creeping in. For the few of you that may have checked out my “About Me” page or the first blog post I ever wrote, you know this is one of my go-to outfits. No accessories, no shoes. Just sticking to the basics on this one. One of the reasons these are my two go-to pieces is the fact that they can be dress up for a casual date or happy hour with friends, simply had some booties, a cute necklace or a pop of color with a handbag and you’re good to go.

Also, what I would like to point out is these are not actually my boyfriend’s jeans. I’ve tried on my boyfriend’s jeans and I look like 90s skater-boy sagging my pants to the ground. They are a t’boyfriend style’ jeans and you can find details on how to snag your own comfy pair in the “Get the Look” section below the photos.

Random Life + Blog Update:

I was saving this post for a “rainy day”, you know one of those days where life gets too busy, but you still have to put up a blog post? Well, today is that day. I am still getting the hang of working full time,  publishing consistent content each week and not to mention being a full-time dog mom (Spoiler alert my puppy may be in this post). Good news, I already have a new schedule for October. Look out for plenty of fall outfits and new posts every week, if not more! The first month of blogging has been a huge learning process and I only hope to grow from here. For any fellow bloggers reading this: advice, tips and comments are welcomed!

Thank you to those who have followed me since day one, I see you, and I appreciate you.


what-should-i-wear-boyfriend-jeans-5 what-should-i-wear-boyfriend-jeans-2

Duke just couldn’t resist jumping all over me during this shoot. In most of the pictures he turned out as a blurry fluff ball, but here is the best one. He also turns one in two months, so look out for the story behind this pup in December!

Where to wear:

Literally anywhere, at home, hanging out with friends, or you can dress it up for a casual date (add some jewelry and booties!)

Get the Look:

Jeans (Nordstrom) / Tee ( Nordstrom, similar)


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