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Pampas Grass is currently in full bloom so, grab a pair of scissors and get ready to cut down some fluffy, feathery grass for your home. Whether it is adding it to your favorite fall floral arrangement or giving your bohemian wedding some flair, it is no secret Pampas Grass is taking over Instagram.

You have likely seen some of fluffy poofs in my recent home decor posts or maybe you caught my saga of cutting down pampas with spiders living in them on my Instagram stories! Either way, I am here to tell you ALL about pampas grass and how to add it to your home while it is still in season.

Wether you live near an abundance of pampas grass and want to cut some down or you need to order some online, this is your one-stop guide to getting the perfect pampas for your home or next event. I have added in some maintenance tips and home decor ideas too.

Why Pampas Grass?

For me, I love brining natural elements into my home. Plus, I am someone who needs everything to be low maintenance because let’s face it…I will forget to water a needy plant. Pair the low maintenance with the neutral color of Pampas Grass and I am obsessed!

Name, Meaning & Location

If you are at all interested in the facts behind Pampas Grass here is a quick little fact sheet:

Scientific Name: Cortaderia Selloana, C. Selloana

There are approximately 25 species of Cortaderia Selloana – aka Pampas Grass. This is why you will see a variety of different sizes, styles and types online and in your neighborhood.

History: Originally from South America, Pampas Grass made it’s way to the America in the 70s and gained popularity as decor in 2017.

Blooming Season: September-February. However, they are available from retailers and florist year round

Life Span in vase: Forever!

Life Span on Plant: 1 blooming cycle

Where to Shop

Cost: The cost of pampas grass largely varies between vendors and depends on a number of factors including: size, height, color, and availability. Purchasing them while they are in season can help cut the cost when purchasing Pampas Grass so, if you can purchase during September-February. Typically, you can find 5 strands for $50.

Tips: Make sure you purchase pampas grass tall enough for your needs. Measure any vase you will be using. Always remember, it is easier to cut the grass if it is too tall but, it’s painfully hard to make taller!

ETSY: If you’re looking to purchase pampas grass first contact your local florist, they may have better pricing and you don’t have to stress about damaging the grass during shipping. However, if you have no luck locally, I have found Etsy to be the most reliable place for Pampas Grass. I linked a few of my favorite retailers below.

Note: ALWAYS, always, always check the measurements when buying pampas grass!


Where to find in Nature

Generally speaking, Pampas grass has invaded areas of coastal and interior habitats throughout the United States and can be found including coastal scrub, Monterey pine, grasslands, wetlands, serpentine soils, and along waterways. Your best bet is to look in natural habitats where there is plenty of low, still water. In Southern California they can be found next to rivers, off highways where water collects, and in wet grass lands like Marina Del Rey.

Fun Fact: Pampas Grass is actually considered imposing grass or an invasive weed in some areas! It’s highly adaptable and can take over the areas it’s able to grow in displacing surrounding plants. Therefore you don’t need to feel bad it you’re cutting some down. As long as it is not in someone’s yard, on private property, or in a nature reserve.

How to Cut

WHAT TO BRING: Scissors, gloves, close-toed shoes, long-sleeved top and pants.

Depending on how easy the pampas is to access, you might want to make sure you wear close-toed shoes, and long sleeves! The leaves of pampas grass might scratch you up and cause you to feel a little itchy until the plant residue is washed off, so be safe and cover up!

Step 1: Bring the sharpest pair of scissors you can find! Got gardening scissors? Even better!

Step 2: Hunt down the perfect pampas grass plant and make sure it is easy to access ( and not on private property)

Note: Your Pampas grass will most likely loose a lot of fluff when you cut it down and transport it home. So, make sure you pick a healthy, fluffy looking pampas grass plant!

Step 3: Cut down ONE pampas grass. Make sure it looks good up close. Sometimes pampas can be dirty, discolored, or lack fluff. Start by cutting down a single stem to make sure you are cutting down the perfect pampas.

Step 4: Cut the pampas grass as tall as possible. You want to give yourself some length to work with so, cut the full stem and trim it to the perfect length after

Step 5: Inspect for BUGS! You don’t know how many times I have brought home a creepy crawly living in my pampas grass. Take a quick look at your freshly cut pampas and shake off any hitch-hiking bugs. Shake off as close to the pampas grass plant as possible so those little bugs can go on living their happy lives.

Step 6: Remove all excess leaves. You want to only take home the fluffy plume to ensure a long life for your pampas.



Pampas Grass is generally VERY low maintenance and it requires no water! Plus, it typically dries to look just how you cut it. The only downside is pampas grass sheds like crazy! It is important to

SHAKE your pampas grass outside to avoid tracking in any extra fluff.

SPRAY your pampas grass with a generous amount of hairspray. This will keep the fluff in tackt and help avoid shedding. Don’t worry it won’t effect the color or life span of the pampas.

PLACE it in an area with low traffic. You want to avoid touching or brushing up against the pampas grass in order to keep it full and fluffy!

DO NOT ADD WATER. It is important that your pampas remain dry from the moment you cut them off the plant. This will allow them to remain fluffy and dry forever. If you add water the pampas grass will most likely go through it’s growth cycle and eventually wilt and die.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to cut, trim and arrange your pampas grass to get the perfect style. Sometimes I cut off small sections to add to smaller vases and arrangements.

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Home Decor Inspo

In case you’re need of some pampas decor inspo I have linked a couple different photos and posts I have found on Pinterest below.

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    I have a question and hoping you can answer. I bought dried pampas grass from an Etsy seller and they dont look fluffy like the pics.. The are pretty but just shoot straight up and dont have down naturally. If i were to lightly spray with water and put them out in the sun, would that help for it to get that fluffiness?

    Please help,

    • Hey, so there are different types of Pampas grass and some grow fluffier then others. It really depends what you’re working with but it sounds like the Etsy seller harvested the pampas grass well after it was done blooming, which is why it may have lost some of its fluff and curve, but the sun trick certainly will help it out a bit!

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