70s Fall Flare



Thank God for the 70s because it gave us a lot of stellar fashion and kick ass rock music. 

The 70s not only gave us some of the greatest artists of all time, like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and David Bowie but it also gave us a ton of fashion trends that are coming back. The 70s have always been a point of inspiration for me both in my style and music taste. Read on to find how the 70s inspired this fall flared look.

Let’s review all the brilliant fashion trends the 70s blessed us with:

  • The Peasant Blouse
  • The Blazer
  • The White Boho Dress
  • Bell Bottoms
  • AND FLARE…which is what inspired this look 

but-what-should-i-wear-70s-flare-corduroy-pants-fall-style-1-of-5 70s inspired flare pants and turtle neck for fall fashion

If you haven’t noticed a trend throughout my recent blog post I love flare, corduroy, AND the 70s. I often look at different eras to get inspired or find new fashion ideas. Fashion trends tend to repeat themselves after a few decades. You can get a good look into the future of fashion by looking back in time.

On a fashion budget?

So, I must admit this is one of my favorite looks so far.  The turtle-neck sweater and flared corduroy pants add a perfect amount of “fall flare” to any wardrobe. This look is comfy, stylish and won’t break your bank because the entire outfit only cost $90 (including the shoes!) Check out the “Get the Look” section at the end of this post to snag these items before they are gone!

Also, this is the perfect time to remind anyone reading that the amount of style someone has is not directly correlated with how much they spend. My goal as a fashion blogger is to show you different styles and trends of the season at different price points. I want to show you where you can save and when items are worth a splurge.

70s inspired flare pants and turtle neck for fall fashion70s inspired flare pants and turtle neck for fall fashion

Get the Look:

Turtle-neck sweater ($24 at Target, here) / Tan corduroy flare pants ($20 also at Target, here) / Shoes (Steve Madden, 65% off here)


  1. Liv says:

    These look SO great on you! Lovely post. xx

  2. Emily says:

    Amazing photos! This look is so perfect too!

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